DISTRIBUTION BOX: Directs wastewater from tank to different parts of the leaching/drainage area

EFFLUENT: Wastewater that passes through the septic tank to the leaching/drainage area

EFFLUENT FILTER: Installed in the outlet baffle; this prevents the finer particulate from entering the leaching/drainage area.

INLET BAFFLE: Slows the flow of waste entering the tank, allowing it to settle into the tank for decomposition.

OUTLET BAFFLE: Prevents floating solids from entering the leaching/drainage area

RISER:  An “extension pipe” installed over the access cover(s) of septic tanks. The CT Public Health Code, as of January 1, 2000 requires all septic tanks deeper than 12” below grade, to have at least one riser installed.  This is to provide quick and easy access to the tank which is a maintenance item.